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The following list of books provide a small selection of  books on the arts and activities for people with dementia. 

Each book comes with a review or an introduction of what the book can offer and a link that takes you to a website if you are interested in finding out more or wish to purchase the book.


Creative Arts, Activities & Educational

Alzheimer's Australia offer a range of books and DVD's related to the topic of arts and activities for people with dementia.  The following are suggested:

  • We can, we can, we can : purpose and pleasure for people living with dementia
  • Chocolate rain : 100 ideas for a creative approach to activities in dementia care
  • The best friends book of Alzheimer's activities : volume 1 & 2
  • Meaningful activities for people with dementia DVD
  • Montessori-based activities for persons with dementia : volume 1 & 2

A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia


Lewy Body DementiaAlthough Lewy Body Dementia is the second leading cause of degenerative dementia in the elderly, it is not well known or understood and is often confused with Alzheimer' Disease or Parkinson's. The Caregivers Guide to Lewy Body Dementia is the first book ot present a thorough picture of what Lewy Body Dementia really is.

A Caregivers Guide to Lewy Body Dementia is written in everyday language, and is filled with personal examples that connect to the readers' own experiences. It includes quick fact and caregiving tips for easy reference, a comprehensive resource guide, and a glossary of terms and acronyms.


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Booktopia.

You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello:
The Montessori Method for Positive Dementia Care


You Say Goodbye and ...In this readable and rewarding book, Tom and Karen Brenner tell the remarkable story of their work with people diagnosed with dementia, using Montessori methods to address the overwhelming challenge of recapturing the joy of relationships even when that no longer seems possible.


The Brenners use the Montessori Method as the foundation for their evidence based memory support program.


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Amazon.


The Creative Arts in Dementia Care

Creative Arts

The creative arts are gaining increasing recognition not only as a tool for delivering effective person-centred dementia care, but also for attending to the soul as well as body.

This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the care of a person with dementia, including professional staff in residential and nursing homes, hospitals and day centres, families and other non-professional carers.



To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Footprint Books.


The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities

Alzheimer's Activities
Bring out the best in each person with dementia each day with more than 140 versatile, easy-to-implement Best Friends activities. Thousands of carers around the world know that providing Best Friends' care improves the quality of life of people with dementia by building on the essential elements of friendship; respect, empathy, support, trust, humour, and sharing time together.


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Amazon.


Engaging Activities

Engaging Activities
This book contains prepared programs to be used as a basis for providing quality activities at a day centre or residential facility. All activities can be easily adapted by staff or family who care for the person living with dementia at home. There are themes, pictures to colour, and templates that can be photocopied.


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Lauretta Kaldor's website.



The Alzheimer's Prevention Program:
Keep Your Brain Healthy for the Rest of Your Life

Prevention Program
Written by Gary Small, M.D., and his wife, Gigi Vorgan, authors of The New York Times bestseller, The Memory Bible, The Alzheimer's Prevention Program is a whole body, whole mind, easy-to-follow regimen based on the latest research on Alzheimer's disease, and especially the connection between lifestyle and susceptibility.


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Amazon.


A Different Visit

A Different Visit

This manual was made especially for family members of individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other diseases or injuries that affect memory. Included are ideas and instructions for 42 engaging and purposeful activities that will bring new enjoyment to family visits.


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Center for Applied Research in Dementia.