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The following list of books provide a small selection of books on Younger Onset Dementia and/or Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease.


Each book comes with a review or an introduction of what the book can offer and a link that takes you to a website if you are interested in finding out more or wish to purchase the book.


Younger Onset Dementia

While I Still Can ... One Man's Journey Through Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease


While I Still Can ...

Rick Phelps, the founder of 'Memory People', an online Alzheimer's and memory impairment support and awareness group was diagnosed at the age of 57 with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease (EOAD).


Throughout this book, the reader is given a firsthand account of the early signs that Phelps experienced before being diagnosed with EOAD, the loneliness he felt during the denial period of family and friends and the terror that gripped his heart upon receiving the undeniable diagnosis. Phelps then describes how he and his loved ones have learned to cope since his diagnosis, finding the will to continue to live and love every day, while he still can.


To read more about the author and this book or if you wish to purchase the book please go to the website 'While I Still Can ...'


Alzheimer's from the Inside Out

Alzheimer's Inside Out

Richard Taylor author of 'Alzheimer's from the Inside Out' was given a diagnosis of dementia, probably of the Alzheimer's type, at the age of 58.


Richard started writing essays to better understand for himself what was going on inside of him. He discovered that thinking, speaking, and writing about what it was like for him to live with this condition had quite unexpectedly brought him a new sense of purpose to his life.


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to the webiste of Richard Taylor PHD.


Green Vanilla Tea

Green Vanilla Tea
Green Vanilla Tea is a story of compassion and courage in the face of a deadly and little understood illness. Above all, it is a love story. Marie Williams watches helplessly as an un-diagnosable condition debilitates her husband, Dominic, in both body and mind. As the condition develops, the normally devoted family man and loving partner seems to disappear ...


To read more on this book or if you wish to purchase the book go to Finch Publishers


Dancing with Dementia

Dancing with Dementia
Christine Bryden was a top civil servant and single mother of three children when she was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 46. Since then she has gone on to challenge almost every stereotype of people with dementia by campaigning for self-advocacy, writing articles and speaking at national conferences. This book is a vivid account of the author's experiences of living with dementia ...


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Who Will I be When I Die?

Who will I be?In this book Christine Bryden recounts the emotional and spiritual rollercoaster she found herself on immediately afterwards her diagnosis. It provides unique first-hand insights into how it feels to gradually lose the ability to undertake tasks most of us take for granted, and is all the more remarkable because of Christine's unwavering positivity ...



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