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Alzheimer's Australia Vic - Driving and Dementia resources

Alzheimer's Australia Vic offers a range of information and resources to assist in the conversation and decisions about driving and dementia.



Click here for Guide to see Dementia and Driving guide for families and carers "Changed Conditions Ahead".



It is important to keep in mind that a diagnosis of dementia does not always mean that a person has to give up driving straight away. Because the condition involves a gradual decline in cognitive and physical ability however, they will need to stop driving at some point.

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RACV Dementia, driving and mobility guide


This guide is for professionals, carers, families, friends and for people with dementia. It summarises key issues surrounding driving and dementia including mobility options for people who can no longer drive


All people that are diagnosed with dementia are required by law to inform the Victorian driver licensing authority, VicRoads, of their condition.

The experience of giving up driving can be very difficult for many people, and the sense of grief and loss can be ongoing.