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Living with Dementia


A diagnosis of dementia can come as a shock both to the person experiencing the changes and to their family and friends. Even if you have been expecting the result, this will be a worrying and upsetting time for you and those closest to you.


There is much that you can do in the early stages that can help to make life easier and more enjoyable, both now and in the future.


You may want to remain as independent in your own home for as long as possible. Involve your family and friends in your decisions and choices, after all a few heads are better than one!


The first positive thing you can do is to seek help from professionals. Please look at our resources for people with dementia further down this page.


Global Dementia Charter

'I can live well with dementia', is a joint Global Dementia Charter launched by Bupa and ADI (Alzheimer's Disease International).

Bupa and the ADI intend to revolutionise care and to campaign to ensure people living with dementia live well, and that their family and friends are properly supported.

They are committed to shaping global dementia care and having people living with dementia lead happier lives, for as long as they can.

The Charter provides a list of actions and accountabilities that outlines what families, friends, carers, healthcare professionals, and other professionals can do to improve dementia care and support in their country.

The following video was produced by BUPA and ADI with people living with dementia sharing their needs and rights.



For more information on the Global Charter which is also available in different languages please go to Global Dementia Charter - I can live well with dementia website.


Living well with dementia

A video of people with dementia and carers talking about what it means to live well with dementia in Dorset, UK. The video challenges potential gaps in perceptions and understanding about dementia, promoting an inclusive and supportive society for people affected by dementia.


There is also a link to the attitudes to dementia survey, which aims to look at people's experience to establish whether watching this video has started to change or reinforce existing attitudes towards dementia issues.



Support services for people with dementia and their family


  • Your Doctor or Health Professional





Telephone: 1800 699 799.


Telephone: Latrobe Regional Hospital (Traralgon) 5173 8506 or

West Gippsland Healthcare Group 5625 0242.