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Diabetes and dementia


The link to dementia

Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia and it has been linked to dementia.


Several research studies have shown that people who have Type 2 diabetes in midlife have a greater risk of developing dementia, Vascular dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Mild cognitive impairment.


If diabetes is untreated, it can lead to blood vessel damage and inflammation, and dementia is more likely to occur. It is important to reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease by maintaining a healthy weight, increasing physical activity, eating a healthy diet and having your blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked regularly by your GP.


For more information on diabetes and dementia, visit Diabetes Australia.


Talking Books on Diabetes

The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) have produced the RDNS Talking Book series, 'Information on Diabetes', which is available in languages other than English.

RDNS have recognised that for many people it can be difficult to understand the details of their condition when English may not be their first language.


The book covers 10 important topics to help manage diabetes.


To find out more information on the Taking Books please visit the RDNS website.