Dementia Care Site Map
Legal Considerations


If you're concerned that you may be in the early stages of dementia, now is the time to make sure that any important documents are in order and can easily be found.


These include details of your mortgage or tenancy agreement, insurance policies, bank statements or building society books.


Be sure to go through all the details with a member of your family, partner or trusted friend.


Grant Enduring Power of Attorney

If you have not already done so, grant an Enduring Power of Attorney. According to the State Trustee of Victoria, an Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to give your Attorney the power to make financial decisions and also personal and/or health decisions on your behalf. An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to plan for the unexpected such as an accident or physical or other illness.

 Click here to watch the Office of the Public Advocate resource "You Decide Who decides", designed to provide information about power of attorney and how to choose a suitable person based on values that are important to you.

Complete your Will

Complete your Will if you haven't already done so. If you have, look at it again and make sure that it expresses your current wishes.
Consult a solicitor or the State Trustee  on 1300 138 672 about making a new one.


Advance Health Directive

You may want to make an Advance Health Directive. An Advance Health Directive is a document which provides instructions about your choices for future health care and comes into effect only if you are unable to make your own decisions.


If you wish to complete an Advance Health Directive, your doctor may be the most appropriate person to help you. It is also important that you discuss the Directive with your family and attorney for personal/health matters.
For more information about the Advance Health Directive and Statutory Health Attorney contact the Office of the Adult Guardian on 1300 653 187


Organise your bills

Sort out any recent bills, guarantees and regular payments. It might be a good idea to arrange to pay your regular household bills by direct debit, if you are not already doing so.