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Reminisce theory


Everyone's story and journey begins from the day we are born. By recording a person's journey throughout life can be fun for all who are involved and reminiscing can continue for future generations.


Reminiscing in the past can be rewarding not only for the person with dementia but also for carers and family members of that person. The distant past can be, at times, more current for the person with dementia and reminiscing in their life history can encourage them to sit, talk, and share happy moments.


Creating a 'Life Story' book

Putting together a life story book of that person can be a wonderful way to record their past and can be a keepsake for future generations of the family. Sharing past memories in a 'life story book' can be rewarding for the person who is a carer/family member and for the person with dementia.


Walk down memory lane by collecting old photos, letters, postcards, newspaper cuttings and other memorabilia to connect with, and reflect on their past. Try selecting photos of when they were children, of family and friends and special events in their life and add a short narrative with each photo. There could be one particular special event that can trigger many happy memories - wedding day, the birth of a child/grandchild, holiday times and places visited and family gatherings are just some of the ideas that could be used.


Ask family and friends to contribute to the story as they may have photos and memorabilia they would like to share.



Creating the Life Story book can be carried out in a group activity or in a more personal intimate setting on a one-on-one basis. As a carer, you may feel that the person you care for will be more willing to share and relate stories, you may not even be aware of, in a one-on-one basis. The choice should be theirs.


Life Stories in DVD

A life story DVD with pictures, narrated by a family member and with selections of music could be created to celebrate the life of the one that you care for.



To watch a wonderful video of the life story of one lady please click here.

Music Box

University of Brighton (UK) graduate Chloe Meineck spent two years conducting research into the positive effect familiar music can have for people with dementia - listening to music from certain periods of their lives can help trigger even their most inaccessible memories. From her findings, she created a music box full of treasures.

To read more information on the music box and view images of the treasures used please click here.


If you would like to view a video of the memory box Chloe made for one lady please click here.


Memories are precious - imagine life without them

A short video produced by Alzheimer's Australia provides an insight on how important it is for so many of us to recall memories and retain them.



To watch this video please click here.