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Facts About Memory Loss


As you will be aware from the many and various conditions that can cause memory loss, not all forgetfulness is caused by dementia.

Lapses in memory and slowing of mental responses are a normal part of the ageing process for many people.

Some of the key facts about memory loss are highlighted below:


Facts about Memory Loss

  • What looks like significant memory loss can be caused by treatable (even reversible) conditions such as depression, infections, vitamin deficiency and side effects from certain medications.
  • Significant memory loss is not an inevitable result of ageing.
  • The brain is capable of producing new brain cells at any age.
  • Brain training and new learning can occur at any age.
  • To a large extent, maintaining a healthy brain is under our control.


Memory loss symptoms are generally noticeable to someone very close to and familiar with the person but may largely go unnoticed by most others.


If this is the case remember it is important to make contact with a health professional regarding your concerns.