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The Dementia Guide 2017.
This guide by Alzheimer's Australia Victoria is an important resource for people recently diagnosed with dementia or impacted by the disease, of all ages. It's also for family and friends of someone with dementia, with information for those taking a caring role. It helps people to understand more about dementia and the emotional impact of diagnosis, available drug treatments, support and services and information about living well with dementia and making plans for the future. The guide was jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments.

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 Newly Released: Creating Dementia friendly communities: A toolkit for Local Government


The publication provides councils with the information they need to lead
dementia-friendly communities - places where people living with dementia are supported to live a high quality of life with meaning, purpose and value.


This builds on extensive resources that AAV have developed to promote and develop dementia friendly communities, visit the AAV website for full range of information.


Visit Alzheimer's Australia research foundation site for full range of current research.  Some highlights are listed below:


Dementia Care Matters

Dementia Care Matters is a leading UK organisation inspiring culture change in dementia care.

They offer - Care Home Development, Learning Products and Resources, Tailored Consultancy and Training, Mattering in Hospital and University Recognised Learning in person centred care, leadership and training skills.

The following video is one of a series of videos presented by Dr David Sheard on 'Experiencing the truth in dementia care'.


Dementia Care Matters website

For more information on their dementia care philosophy, the courses and learning resources please click the following link.

Click here to go to the Dementia Care Maters website


Latest research on computerised brain training

There have been several media reports in recent weeks about the purported effects of brain training in reducing the risk of dementia. These stories beg the question - can exercising your brain keep Alzheimer's disease away?

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International trends in dementia research

The most cited UK scientist in Alzheimer's disease research, Professor John Hardy was in Australia recently talking about the international trends in dementia research and in particular focusing on his area of expertise in the field of genetics.

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Visit Alzheimer's Australia quality dementia care website for range of strategies and resources that have been designed to help provide better quality care to people with demnentia.


Guide to becoming a Dementia-Friendly community

Alzheimer's Australia provides a Guide to becoming a dementia-friendly community (Sept, 2014 report).  The purpose of this Guide is to support local organisations, groups and individuals who want to make their community more dementia friendly. The Guide is for people who want to make a positive difference to, and work with, people with dementia and their families. This Guide provides a practical framework based on a change management approach of eight steps to assist communities in working towards becoming more dementia-friendly. The process and activities being undertaken in the Port Macquarie region of New South Wales are used as a case study throughout the Guide to demonstrate how the community there is following a change management approach to make it dementia-friendly.


Dementia enabling environment principles




Developing an enabling environment for a person living with dementia can make a significant difference to independence, quality of life and wellbeing.


Finding the Why; Enabling active participation in life in Aged Care