Dementia Care Site Map
Dementia specialist services

There are a range of services available to support the person living with dementia, their carer and family, the community and service providers.


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The attached sheet below provides a summary of dementia specialist service providers.


Specialist dementia services:


Alzheimer's Australia Vic (AAV)


Alzheimer's Australia Vic provides services across all of Gippsland with staff based at Drouin, Cowes and Lakes Entrance.  Services available include:

Information and support, Counselling, Family carer information and support sessions (family carer education), Community education, Education for service providers and professionals, Younger Onset Key Worker - for people with dementia under 65 years of age, Living with dementia program, Memory Lane Cafes in Bass Coast.

AAV also offer a range of information on their website including help sheets, library resources, research, training and support services. 


Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS)


The DBMAS program provides clinical support for people caring for someone with dementia who is demonstrating behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) which are impacting on their care. DBMAS services include:

  • Assessment of the person with dementia and their carer/support network
  • Clinical support, information and advice (face to face and via telephone or email);
  • Care planning, case conferences, referrals and short term case management;
  • Mentoring for care providers and clinical supervision
  • Education and training on BPSD for care providers.
  • Help to link to current research, literature and evidence based practice guidelines relevant to dementia and BPSD


Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service (CDAMS)


CDAMS is a non-urgent diagnostic service for people, their families and carers who are worried about thinking problems and memory loss.

CDAMS provides clinical diagnosis, education and support about thinking problems and memory loss, planning for the future, information on dealing with day to day problems and appropriate treatments and linkages to other service providers or community supports.  Services cover all of Gippsland.



Aged persons mental health service


APMH service is a free community mental health service, providing assessment, treatment, case management and linkage services to older Gippsland people living with a psychiatric illness (including cognitive disabilities with associated severe behavioural disturbances).  It is recognised that older people have different needs that require a different treatment approach to younger adults.


Nurse Practioner / Clinical Nurse Consultant


These roles work closely with GPs to support access to a timely diagnosis for a person with concerns about their memory and/or cognition, or identify reversible causes.  Time can be spent talking to the person and their family / carer regarding their concerns and work with their GP to complete required assessments.  


Access and Support Officers


This role supports those experiencing barriers to accessing services due to the impact of their cognitive and/or memory concerns related to dementia.  A diagnosis of dementia is not required.  A&S Officers can spend time building rapport, listening to the person's story and understanding their needs before connecting them and/or their carer to relevant services.





Falls and Balance Clinics


Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS)


Carers Victoria


Centrelink - or for online account services click here


Department of Veterans' Affairs