Dementia Care Site Map
Nurse Practitioner / Clinical Nurse Consultants


The Dementia Nurse Practitioner / Clinical Nurse Consultant works closely with your General Practitioner (GP) and other relevant service providers to:


  • Investigate and assess possible causes of memory related issues
  • Identify possible support or services that may be of benefit to the person with memory issues and their carer/family
  • Facilitate referral to specialist services as required
  • Consider the needs of both the person with memory issues and their carer/family


The nurse consultant will arrange a home visit with you and your carer or family members present depending on your wishes.


The nurse consultant will listen to your story and undertake an assessment to help determine what is going on and discuss possible management options.


A report including recommendations will be forwarded to your GP on completion of assessment.


This is a free service.


Latrobe: 1800 242 696 LaTrobe Community Health Service

East Gippsland: 5155 8300 Gippsland Lakes Community Health